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Four friends share an unusual dream. They want to travel to Mongolia to visit the nomadic tribes. So after talking it over and trying to figure out how they could make it happen, they gather a handful of sponsors, modify an old army truck to make it more practical, and then embark on a 10,000km journey.

They either begged for or borrowed the materials they needed to remodel the truck. The exhaust system needed to be rebuilt, and they used rafters from an old warehouse to weld together a platform for the back that would accommodate five persons for six months. Hardly anyone believed that they were serious about their plans; after all they wanted to drive across two continents through some of the harshest places on earth.

However, on June 14th 2008 they finally pulled out of Amsterdam on their way to Germany. This would then lead them through Poland, Belarus, Russia, and other countries until they would make it into Mongolia.

Only a few hundred kilometers away from their starting point they started facing challenges in the form of mechanical problems. Yet this setback was just one of the many difficulties they faced, which included exhaustion from spending so much time on the road, the extremely interesting Russian police, and the lack of showers.

As they entered Siberia, the roads got increasingly worse and things started rattling and falling off shelves. Yet their unbridled passion forced them to keep moving and to follow the roads into lands they had always dreamed of visiting.

After about 8,000 Km of driving, the cities were left behind and they ventured into the mountains where everything became a lot more tranquil. But as the roads disappeared, the traveling became more intense.

About 30 miles from the Mongolian border, they became aware that the truck had taken a beating and needed some urgent attention. Luckily they found a Russian mechanic who solved all of the truck’s problems and allowed them to continue their trip.

They took the truck as far as they could, and then had to continue their journey on foot, in true nomadic spirit. As they drew closer to their goal, they analyzed the fact that we’re all so alike and yet so different at the same time. At then end of this difficult journey these four friends plan to honor the traditions of the nomads, learn from their wisdom, and tell the world about their endangered way of living.