Not Business As Usual

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This film, titled “Not Business As Usual,” takes a provocative look at capitalism and the price of success. According to Jay Coen Gilbert, co-founder of B Lab, twentieth century capitalism has one rule in its operating system which is that the purpose of the corporation is to maximize shareholder value exclusively, even if that means that there are significant unintended consequences.

It’s amazing how consumers have an unshakeable trust in the products they buy without bothering to check the ingredients or the manufacturer. History has taught us that on many occasions a product that was deemed “harmless for human consumption” turned out to be toxic or poisonous. Yet consumers continue to blindly buy whatever is placed out there and businesses make a whopping profit.

This happens because the mentality that “people who are successful have stuff” has shaped the minds of generations since WWII. And so people get into the habit of accumulating a lot of unnecessary items because big companies have consistently encouraged them to do so. Most people are convinced that in order to look and feel successful they have to have a lot of possessions. For businesses and manufacturing companies it has become all about making a profit. Never mind the effect of this on society or the environment.

The inevitable questions we need to analyze are: in today’s highly competitive market does it make sense to expect businesses to operate according to universal values? And is it realistic to expect a company to lose money just to accommodate business ethics?

Not Business as Usual intentionally exposes the changing landscape of businesses around the world due to the rising tide of conscious capitalism. Local entrepreneurs who have found inventive ways to bring humanity back into business, share their stories to prove that there is a better way.