Nowt But a Fleeting Thing

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The suicide rate among farmers is almost double that of the rest of the population. This should not really come as a surprise considering the fact that a farmer’s work just goes on and on for hours without any rest. Also, this extreme work schedule makes it difficult to forge strong relationships outside the family circle because, for those who choose to farm full time, their income depends on all that work.

One young farmer fears that his father will keel over and die if he doesn’t retire soon. The 72-year-old man is still running an old fashion dairy. His son believes that it’s too much for a man of that age. But retirement options aren’t that good so a lot of people just keep on working. The old-time farmers somehow managed to live off the income they got from the farm but nowadays it’s even more difficult than it used to be before.

Farmers aren’t rewarded properly for the amount of work they have to put in.

Along with the economical issues, there’s also social isolation because having to work so many long hours does not leave any time for anything else. Isolation is one of the main causes of depression.

One of the many issues that bother this young farmer is that if you want to produce food according to high environmental standards you have to carry up the price to make it sustainable. Most people aren’t willing to pay that much for food, even if it’s of superior quality. A lot of people believe that quality stuff is for somebody else.

There are still many young boys and girls that dream of becoming farmers but a lot of them choose differently as they grow up and question whether it’s really worth it.