Obama: A Legacy of Ashes

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From the alternative news source The Corbett Report comes the new documentary Obama: A Legacy of Lies, a summation of the former president's legacy which casts a critical eye on what the film's producers characterize as "eight years of unrelenting lies and scandals".

Littered with a cleverly edited barrage of clips sourced by the likes of FOX News, CNN, C-SPAN and the Associated Press, the film attempts to dismantle the narrative of President Obama as a transformative figure of peace and prosperity for citizens in the United States and around the world.

The filmmakers believe that the Obama mythos was birthed early. Desperate for hope and change, the American public joined much of the international community in bolstering the former president's image before he had implemented a single piece of substantive legislation. The ultimate example of this hypocrisy came in the form of a Nobel Peace Prize, which was given to the president in the earliest months of his administration. In contrast to this impressive accomplishment and all that it's designed to represent, the filmmakers contend that Obama oversaw an unparalleled period of sustained international conflict by the end of his two terms in office. Evidence of this lies in his accelerated reliance on drone warfare, the rise of ISIS, and the continuation of the longest running war in U.S. history in Afghanistan.

The accusations of dishonesty progress from the battlefield to domestic concerns. The film cites a lack of transparency within the inner workings of the administration, and a series of broken promises related to the unwieldy Affordable Care Act, otherwise known as Obamacare. Negative views are expressed on the failings of the Obama White House in protecting the privacy rights of all law-abiding Americans in the age of cyber terrorism. The filmmakers also provide an overview of the special interest groups and individual lobbyists who they feel had an unsavory influence over legislative priorities and the formation of policies.

The film mounts an aggressive argument, the merits of which are open to interpretation based upon each viewer's particular political persuasion. Obama: A Legacy of Ashes is sure to repel the former president's most ardent supporters while delighting his harshest critics.