Occupy Sandy

2012, Environment  -  25 min Leave a Comment
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The author of Gasland and The Sky is Pink made one little documentary concerned with the people affected by the Hurricane Sandy.

Occupy Sandy is a coordinated relief effort to distribute resources and volunteers to help neighborhoods and people affected by Hurricane Sandy.

How unfair it is to sort of name these hurricanes after a harmless girls. Every girl named Sandy in the New York Metropolitan area is going to spend the next 10 years hearing bad jokes. It is time to name them for the people who are causing them.

We should go right through the alphabet finding every oil, coal and gas company because these guys are pouring carbon into the atmosphere that is supercharging these hurricanes.

Sandy was the lowest barometric pressure ever recorded north of Cape Paterson. Its winds stretched further than any storm that we ever measured. We should call it what it is: Hurricane Exxon. That way the stories in the news would sound just right.