One Minute To Nine

2007, Crime, Court Cases  -  118 min Leave a Comment
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Married at 16 years old followed by over 20 years of violence left Wendy terrified. She summoned the courage to deal with her husband the only way she imagined would keep her and her kids safe from his abuse: by killing him.

This shocking documentary, when it was aired on HBO, was renamed with a somewhat more in-your-face title, “Every Fucking Day of My Life,” referencing the abuse that Wendy and her family endured over the years.

A harrowing portrait of domestic abuse, the project draws heavily on a video shot by the dead abuser, as his wife, Wendy Maldonado, spends her final days of freedom before going to jail for his murder. The net result is every bit as chilling and depressing as one might expect.

Directed by: Tommy Davis