An Open Secret

2014, Crime  -  99 min Leave a Comment
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This feature investigates the lives of children deceived by a system that steers them towards sexual predators without regard for their safety.

An Open Secret not only documents the stories of these young adults but how they have been able to grow stronger for speaking out against the industry.

The film raises some important questions about why children in the entertainment industry aren’t protected by laws at school, arguing for more efficient treatment and stronger penalties for offenders.

For three years, Amy Berg’s documentary “An Open Secret” about pedophilia in Hollywood was virtually invisible. If you see it now, you know why.

In light of the long-awaited revelations of sexual abuse in Hollywood finally being reported ESPONDA PRODUCTIONS presents AN OPEN SECRET for free for a limited time. A film about the sexual abuse of children in the entertainment industry in Hollywood. Please support our efforts of raising awareness by sharing with your friends and colleagues.


Directed by: Amy Berg