Paradise or Oblivion

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Paradise or Oblivion is a brand new documentary by The Venus Project. This documentary has been getting a lot of buzz. The documentary argues for a new socio-ecoonomic system. It features the work of Jacque Fresco: a social engineer, futurist, and inventor.  48 minutes long. A controversial and fascinating topic.

The film details the need to outgrow the dated and inefficient methods of politics, law, business, or any other “establishment” notions of human affairs, and use the methods of science, combined with high technology, to provide for the needs of all the world’s people.

Paradise or Oblivion, by The Venus Project, introduces the viewer to a more appropriate value system that would be required to enable this caring and holistic approach to benefit human civilization.

This alternative surpasses the need for a monetary-based, controlled, and scarcity-oriented environment, which we find ourselves in today.

This is NOT the “major motion picture” that The Venus Project is working towards but rather is a documentary to introduce the aims and proposals to new people.

Before watching the documentary, watch this 5 minute video on critical thinking. Paradise or Oblivion is highly idealistic and, while that is not a bad thing, it is good to think critically about any idealistic theory.