People in Motion

2012, Performing Arts  -  57 min Leave a Comment
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We were hunters and foragers. The frontier was everywhere. We were bounded only by the earth, the ocean and the sky. Today we go about our business, unencumbered by the frontier.

Society guides us, it gives us permission to drive on roads, to stop at red lights, and go on green.

But something is not right. It often feels as if something is missing. As if the life society has allowed isn't quite enough.

We spend so much time planning for the future it seems we're forgetting how to live in the moment. How to feel deep and profound satisfaction with life.

It was this feeling that let us to watch people in cities, trying to understand what drives them. They typically did the same three things: walk, sit and shop.

People in Motion is a film showcasing the potential people have to move through time and space. The film is shot in true slow motion edited using a composite technique which illustrates stretches of time in an instant.