Planet Ocean

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In the ocean we can find the answer to many of our questions about life as we know it, because it is there that life itself seems to have begun. This documentary explores the depths of this unknown, yet powerful force that may have marked the beginning of life billions of years ago.

The ocean has brought us all the minerals we need, hundreds of thousands of our ships crisscross the sea dumping poison into it with each voyage, and we delve unceasingly into the ocean to nourish ourselves. We have become a super predator and the planet is ours, but where are we going now? In order to understand what has brought us to this point of near disaster, we need to return to the very beginning and explore the events that led to the formation of our amazing ocean.

Three billion human beings depend directly on marine resources. For almost a billion people fish represents their only source of animal protein. Four million fishing boats set out each day to attack the ocean. The majority are small boats that are part of a family craft passed down from generation to generation. When people can’t find enough food on land, they turn to the sea. Hence, fishing sustains about 500 million people all around the world. The abundance of the ocean is evident in this.

The ocean holds some of the most amazing creatures alive. It seems to be made of only water, but in reality it’s an alliance between life, chemistry and geology. Each part complements the other perfectly.

However, we need to become aware of the consequences of our power: overfishing, global warming, depletion of resources, and pollution. In hardly 200 years we have disrupted billions of years of natural history. We no longer see the beauty of life, but only what this life can do for our species and what it enables us to produce for monetary gain. It looks like everything that lives around humans suffers from our existence because we have developed the bad habit of leaving our footprints everywhere we go.

Our ocean is suffering, and for as far back as we can remember no such change has ever been experienced. Scientists are worried because no one can tell for sure what the impact will be of the disappearance of marine life.

Planet Ocean is an international award-winning documentary directed by Yann Arthus-Bertrand and Michael Pitiot. Watch it now.