Polar Apocalypse

2007, Environment  -  45 min Leave a Comment
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Ten percent of the Earth's surface is covered in glacial snow and ice. As our planet heats up this frozen water is starting to melt at an increasing rate. This could have a catastrophic effect on the sea levels across the world.

Coastal cities like New York could sink several feet beneath the ocean. But just how and when could this disaster movie scenario become reality?

The world is getting warmer. The twelve warmest years on record have occurred since 1990. It's global warming and its consequences could be devastating. Some scientists predict stronger and more frequent hurricanes, more forest fires, increased desertification, and more droughts, as carbon dioxide in the atmosphere reaches record levels.

One consequence is already happening. Glacial meltdown. The latest data suggests that is happening even faster than we ever imagined. Already it's changing the world and our children will grow up in it. The world that we helped to create.