Politics, Religion and the Tea Party

2011, Politics  -  11 min Leave a Comment
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As the race for the Republican presidential nomination for the 2012 elections heats up, Fault Lines follows the Iowa campaign trail to investigate the underlying forces shaping candidates.What role does religion play in the US presidential elections?

With the 2012 campaign season in full swing, Republicans are criticizing the Obama administration's energy policies as a key reason for rising prices at the pump.

Gasoline prices have already passed the $4 mark in California after jumping 20 cents in the past week on the idling of the third-largest refinery on the West Coast.

As the presidential election fast approaches, many voters are starting to consider exactly what Obama's healthcare plan would implement.

The Affordable Health Care Act, passed March 3, 2010, is said by the Obama administration to give 32 million more to American's insurance for the first time.

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