Predator Bay

2003, Nature  -  50 min Leave a Comment
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There is a place in Africa where two ancient predators come face to face - the shark and the crocodile. Usually worlds apart the two are forced to share the waters of a cozy bay and compete for the same prize. For many of the inhabitants this is a dangerous land. For a young crocodile life is particularly challenging. This is his story - a journey into predator bay.

It is a crocodile heaven and a young male crocodile feasts on the local bounty. Greedy for the easy pickings he follows the shoals of fish into unfamiliar waters and unintentionally begins an extraordinary journey. Many dangers lie ahead. He ventures far from his birthplace and swims into a series of strange habitats, very different from where he was born. Extraordinary creatures inhabit the waterways. Predators prowl everywhere.

He follows the fish beyond the crocodile's realm entering the domain of a dangerous rival, another ancient hunter, a super-predator - the shark. The young male crocodile only weighs 25 kilograms, and almost two meters long he's still small and vulnerable. His future is uncertain; in fact he's lucky to have made it that far.

His adventure began five years ago on the day of his birth. Right from the start this little crocodile stood out from the rest. He was the first of his klatch to hatch, after 90 days cooped up in the confines of his egg he broke free, leaving his 50 or so siblings behind.

By the time his 300 kilogram mother arrives he's already cleared of the sandy nest. She immediately starts to gather her family in her massive jaws. Only a few minutes old the little crocodile is proving his independence. His mother gathers him up and for now his explorations are over, but his adventures are only beginning with a free ride to the water's edge.