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Every morning, every United States senator wakes up and his first thought is... "Today I have to raise $20,000... or at the end of the next elections I will not have a job." This documentary is about the government and citizens who want to do a better job for the country they love. Why is it that so many Americans seem concerned about the impact of money on the elected leaders? Is it because some of the policies they're making or lack of oversight that's affecting people's daily lives?

Given the major mishaps the US government has let happened, or ignored, or funded with tax dollars, maybe that is why every election year so many of the people vote for the candidate who'll promise the most change. But, can anyone office-holder, with the way things work, or don't work in the Washington DC, keep their promise to represent ordinary Americans? And if money really is the change-stopper how exactly does that happen?

Steve Cowan set out on the road to follow the money trail, to find out who the government is really working for and if not the people what can be done to take it back. The search for answers begins in a supermarket because before getting into energy, or foreign policy, Steve thought to start simple. The need for healthy food is about as basic as it gets and we don't usually think of whether it's wholesome or not as being affected by money and politics.

No matter where Steve traveled in California's central valley, often called nation's fruit and vegetable basket, he was surrounded by crops being sprayed with all sorts of insecticides, herbicides and fungicides. And according to the State's department of pesticide regulation, over 100 million pounds of these chemicals, many extremely toxic, are used each year in the central valley alone. Lot of these pesticides can easily contaminate our water and soil, so Steve wondered if the government is aware of the danger.