Putin's Rise to Power

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In the early 90's, as the Soviet Union stood on the verge of extinction, a young KGB agent named Vladimir Putin fretted for his own personal future. Restless with ambition, this little-known unemployed spy set in motion a series of machinations that led to the ultimate prize: the presidency. Putin's Rise to Power examines the leader's startling ascent, and the abuses he inflicted along the way.

Cries of corruption and high crimes have followed Putin through every step of his journey to power. He is believed by many to be the architect of bombings on his own people in 1999. These attacks were blamed on Chechen rebels, and led to an outright wartime conflict. Under Putin's direction, the outcome of this war proved successful. With his newfound fame and acclaim, and viewed by the voters through a prism of badly needed democratic reform, he managed to snatch the presidency with relative ease.

The film charges that the majority of Putin's most vocal critics in this matter have been eliminated. But the misdeeds don't stop with that heinous action. The documentary's narrative is replete with tales of money laundering, relations with members of organized crime, and more nefarious activities that have left a trail of dead bodies in their wake.

The film's interview subjects include crusading activists who have spent much time and effort in dissecting Putin's shadowy reign. We also hear from those who know Putin personally and have witnessed his rise to power firsthand.

Their testimonies are compelling. A former law enforcement officer bravely blows the whistle on Putin's questionable activities as a young spy. A construction magnate who once worked with the Kremlin on noteworthy projects now lives in exile, and discusses his inability to tolerate the level of brutality and corruption he continued to witness. Others speak of their collaborations with Putin on various economic schemes. We learn his methods for attaining ultimate power, and how he amassed unprecedented personal wealth as well.

Putin is one of the world's most enigmatic leaders, and he's often regarded with equal parts fascination and fear. Putin's Rise to Power lifts the veil with great authority.