Resistance in the West Bank

2012, Politics  -  33 min Leave a Comment
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VICE traveled to the largest refugee camp in the West Bank to meet some of the Palestinian youth, and to find out if the Palestinian Authority's commitment to non-violent struggle against the occupying Israelis was a national consensus. While there, they experienced the extremes of violent and non-violent protests, from hunger strikers to jihadists. They quickly learned that Palestinian Youth Week was all about going to conferences and speeches.

So, they dumped the schedule and headed off to see what the West Bank's youth were really up to. They visited Balata, the biggest refugee camp in the West Bank, and met Hassan, a young revolutionary who was wanted by the authorities.

He took them along for his favorite pastime: spray-painting revolutionary slogans on the walls of Ramallah. They visit a town that's run by the Israeli army and besieged by settlers, and meet a man whose life is dominated by the armed Israeli soldiers who are practically stationed in his back garden.