Rise of the Machines

2012, Technology  -  28 min Leave a Comment
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Most people see drones as controversial weapons prowling over foreign battlegrounds. But as America's military campaigns wind down, these machines are coming home and set to change civilian lives forever.

"This is a powerful technology. No amount of hand-wringing is going to stop it", says drone expert, Peter Singer. Whether it's a floating TV station streaming live to the web, the prying lens of the paparazzi, the police chasing a criminal, or a government agency spying, small domestic drones are experiencing exponential growth.

At the world's largest drone convention in Las Vegas a salesman tells the crowd, "this can be used in law enforcement, disaster relief, and industrial applications. It's also very good at dusting floors. Every homeowner should have one".

And as the technology advances at a frightening speed, anyone with a few hundred dollars can buy one over the counter.