The Rise of SpaceX

2020, Technology  -  31 min Leave a Comment
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SpaceX was founded in 2002 by Elon Musk with the goal of reducing space transportation costs to enable the colonization of Mars. 

Elon Musk is popular for his eccentric persona and genius innovations in the technology space. After having a seemingly impossible dream of commercial space flight, he started off attempting what turned out to be a real impossibility: purchasing a space vehicle from the Russians. It turned out that building his own rocket would be a lot cheaper and in the ensuing years, he made his vision a reality, with stakeholders and observers alike waiting with bated breath and fingers crossed to see what the outcome would be.

After a series of failed required tests and years of research, it seemed like accomplishing the dream itself would be impossible, but more recently his tests have been successful. The first opportunity for individuals outside of international space programs to enter and observe space seems much closer than anyone could have imagined before Elon Musk decided to practically pursue his dream.

He credits his strategic partnerships and his team with the success of his company, SpaceX. His company has earned its place in the aeronautical elite and has actually made some of the biggest achievements in research and development within space. It also made successful launches to the international space station. His collaborations with established organizations over the years have added legitimacy to his pursuits.

We get to find out more about Elon's personality, his motivations, and his inspirations. The feature delves into the challenges he faced getting his companies off the ground and the personal, professional, and financial toll it took on him and his family.

This documentary is for persons fascinated with space and curious about the people who are actually actively working towards making the idea of settling on other planets a reality. It is a recommended watch for others who can simply appreciate the tenacity it takes for someone to work hard at their dream and finally accomplish it.