Robin Hood Complex

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Kurdish forces are waging a savage battle against ISIS. By their side is an impressive international legion of volunteer warriors. Some of these volunteers are unfamiliar with the region, and most have finished their own brutal tours of duty, but they nevertheless feel compelled to return to the battlefield and protect a homeland that isn't their own. Produced by first-time documentarian and former British Royal Marine Emile Ghessen, Robin Hood Complex seeks to understand the motivations behind their selfless service.

These brave fighters from the U.K., the United States, Canada and other western countries feel an obligation to do what they can to stop the scourge of ISIS. In spite of their willingness to pay the ultimate sacrifice, their integration into foreign societies poses great challenges. Differences in language and culture often inspires a feeling of isolation from the Kurdish warriors who fight alongside them, as well as the citizens in Iraq and Syria who regard them with suspicion.

Some volunteer warriors have aged out of traditional military service, and are anxious to regain their inherent sense of honor and duty. Regardless of the risks and inconveniences, they are all driven by a desire to help free the world of an oppressive terrorist regime.

The film follows a series of new recruits as they attempt to acclimate to their surroundings and prepare for battle, as well as the seasoned vets who are all too familiar with the lay of the land and its people. We meet the handler who takes new recruits to a market for their war attire and weaponry. We follow the western fighters as they help to train inexperienced Kurds on wartime engagement protocol. We witness their bravery and resolve as they fight to reclaim an entire city under ISIS control.

A deeply personal passion project that was three years in the making, Robin Hood Complex details the current fight against ISIS from a unique perspective. Assembled with great care, sensitivity and impressive access, the film pays honor to those who serve to rid the world of tyranny.

Directed by: Emile Ghessen