Sand Men

2017, Culture, Society, Survival  -  14 min Leave a Comment
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Three men: Neculai Marin, Aurel Barbu, and Raj Hurdui leave their native Romania in search for a better life elsewhere. They leave behind more than only memories; walking away from everything that is familiar can be very difficult at times. But they move forward bravely and end up on the streets of London with the hope that they will be able to make enough to send back to their families.

Their living conditions are far from adequate and there’s still a lot of lack, but they are determined to make it.

It’s hard when one has to spend so much time away from loved ones, but those back home are depending on them and so they get down on their knees and keep sculpting. Sometimes it rains, sometimes the wind blows away their instruments, but giving up is not an option. They must keep on sculpting. It’s easy for negative thoughts to slip in when one has so much time to think. Unanswered questions can flood the mind and cause a man to doubt the reasons for his very existence. Still these three brave men remember that if they give up, they might starve.

As they sculpt their very lifelike dogs lying on the street, passersby drop a few coins and continue quickly on their way. They are completely unaware of the stories behind each man or of how far the pittance will go.