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People who have to live with scars in visible places go through a lot of emotions in public. People stare, some ask, some look away in embarrassment, others pretend they are invisible, and quite a few immediately judge and reject. Scars go deeper than the external; the emotional and psychological impact they can have on the person who has them can sometimes last a lifetime.

To most of those who carry such scars, there is a ‘before’ and an ‘after’. One young woman carries a scar down the side of her head where a part of her skull was lifted to get to a large brain tumor. Another young man, born with a defective hand, carries the scar of corrective surgery that aimed to give him fingers. Then there’s the story of the man who got shot in the face while serving his country. This man can’t hide his scars because he wears them on his face.

Another woman started self-harming at a very early age and continued to do so until her mid-thirties, driven by the need to punish herself to appease deep feelings of guilt and shame. And finally, there’s the woman who was abused by a narcissistic lover who eventually tried to stab her to death.

Each of these stories causes you to go deeper into yourself to figure out what are the things that really matter in life.