SciShow: Great Minds

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SciShow delves into the minds of some of humanity's greatest scientists. Some of them are:

Dmitri Mendeleev - brilliant Russian chemist, the man behind the periodic table.

Gregor Mendel - the Austrian monk who, with the help of a garden full of pea plants, discovered the fundamental properties of inheritance and paved the way for modern genetics.

Alan Turing - openly gay man in the early 20th century faced brutal prejudice that eventually led to his suicide, despite being a genius war hero who helped the Allies defeat the Nazis.

Fritz Haber - a great mind who is considered "the father chemical warfare," but who also made discoveries and innovations that helped lead to the Green Revolution which is credited with preventing the starvation of over a billion people.

Elizabeth Blackburn - the Nobel Prize-winning Australian woman who discovered telomeres and telomerase, and helped scientists begin to understand the process of aging at a genetic level.

Nikola Tesla - bizarre and eccentric genius with the crazy eyes who spent his life increasing awesome wherever he went, and contributed in some way to pretty much every cool invention you can think of.

Nikola Tesla spoke eight languages and, at the time of his death, held over 700 patents and was being investigated by the US government for claiming to have invented a 60 million volt death ray. Tesla was an undisputed genius.