Sea the Truth

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In this documentary, Marianne Thieme, who is a member of the Parliament Party for the Animals in The Netherlands explains passionately the ways in which humans have been destroying and depleting the oceans.

With the expert opinion of environmentalists and other scientists, the film explains how and why the oceans are getting emptier and emptier. The amazing thing is that there’s so little that we know about our planet. We call it Earth, but only 1/3 of it is actually land. The rest is water, which has been used for years as a dumping site for human waste. Our most important ecosystem is on the verge of collapse unless we take immediate action. This collapse will bring on one of the biggest disasters in the history of mankind.

About 90% of all predatory fish is gone and about 80% of commercial fish species is gone. Add to that the fact that bout 80 to 90% of all the mangrove forests worldwide have dissappeared. It seems like the best and fastest thing to do to solve the problem of overfishing is to simply stop eating fish because according to scientists if the rate of fishing continues the oceans will be empty in around 30 years. The problem is that there are many rural communities throughout the world that are fully dependent upon fishing in order to survive.

Another big problem plaguing the oceans is pollution. Everyday tons of garbage washes up on the shores even of countries with strict conservation policies in place. There is little they can do to avoid it, because whatever is dumped into the sea anywhere travels to shores anywhere. And whatever ends up in the sea, ends up in the fish. When it comes to toxicity in fish that is used for food, a general premise is that fish caught near the coast tend to be more polluted than fish caught out in the open sea and large fish contain more toxins than smaller fish.

Then there’s the issue of cruelty to marine life. It used to be a general belief that because fish are cold-blooded they are unable to feel pain. Scientists now believe otherwise. Dr. G. Flik from the University of Nijmegen has discovered through thirty years of observation and experimentation that not only are fish able to experience pain and stress, but they can also retain long term memories.

This documentary will either move you to tears or move you to action. Watch it now.