Second Assault

2018, Crime  -  19 min Leave a Comment
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This award winning short documentary sheds some light on the brutal crimes that are being committed against innocent women. Studies show that one in every five female college student will be sexually assaulted on her campus.

This is one woman’s story. The attack she experienced tore her apart and made her question her own worth, but even worse than that assault was reporting it and being told that it never happened.

For the first time after the attack she sits with another woman who also was raped and they open up about their experience and how they learned to heal the shame. Ironically, using the word ‘rape’ took a while because regardless of the fact that it was a crime committed against them, they were unable to call it by its rightful name: rape.

It’s painful when the people you trust openly tell you that you’re making it all up. It makes you question your own sanity to the point of wondering if they could be right.