Secret Societies and Biblical Prophecy

2011, Conspiracy  -  145 min Leave a Comment
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Are the End Times near? Is the evidence supported biblical prophecy to be found scattered throughout our history? Meticulously researched and assembled, Secret Societies and Biblical Prophecy is an ambitious feature-length effort that travels as far back as 5,000 years ago to ponder the answers to these profound and monumental questions. Essentially a work of faith-based historical supposition, the film is an intensely watchable and thought-provoking experience.

From the film's earliest moments, the filmmaker urges viewers not to view the material he presents from a conspiratorial framework. To that end, he provides reams of historical evidence that his claims are in full support of his conclusions. Of course, each viewer's individual belief system will likely color their level of receptiveness to his ideas.

The film's central focus is the study of evil as exemplified by the New World Order, a secret society which seeks to rule over the interests and beliefs of every citizen on the planet. This society came to prominence during the Roman era with the rise of Gnosticism, a religion that veered away from the search for salvation through Christ.

Throughout, the film attempts to illuminate historical patterns of evil by connecting the goings-on of ancient times to modern-day occurrences. The degradation of The Knight's Templar into an operation of Satanism and sodomy is shadowed against a homosexual prostitution scandal that marred the Reagan/Bush White House. First formed in 1776, the Illuminati's goals of world domination through an abandonment of Christ's teachings are deemed indistinguishable from those of communism.

The film finds parallels to the continuing dominance of the New World Order through the formation of the League of Nations, the Council on Foreign Relations and the United States Federal Reserve. Collectively, in Ulrich's estimation, these organizations exhibit massive control over our media, our politicians and our way of life.

Divided into dozens of easily digestible chapters and containing a wealth of diverse media clips, Secret Societies and Biblical Prophecy is packed with fascinating historical insight. Even those who stand in disagreement with the film's themes and conclusions may find great value in much of its source material.

Directed by: Leonard Ulrich