Secular Morality

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Some say that if we live in a godless universe there's no basis for morality, that is principles concerned with the distinction between right from wrong, or good and bad behavior, or character.

However for many others religion is the problem. Their rejection of religion, far from being motivated by which to escape moral accountability that some claim, reflects a conviction that it's only through abandoning certain widespread religious ideas the progress towards a truly just and consistent morality is possible.

This video series highlight some of the flaws in popular religious moral arguments and teachings and offers a moral outlook that makes no use of god concepts and is thus available to theists and a atheists alike, refuting the profound misconception that gods are needed for morality. So on what do we base morality?

We know it's not power. The one with a gun might have the means to impose their wishes but this tells us nothing about their principles.

We know it's not majority preference. If the spectacle of human sacrifices is the preferred entertainment of the majority this doesn't make human sacrifice right.

We know it's not tradition. The fact that a practice might have endured for generations tells us nothing about its virtue, and although what's written in law may largely reflect what the society thinks about right or wrong.

We know lord doesn't determine morality. Laws can be unjust. When asking this question it can be useful to consider how we go about assessing moral problems.

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