Seeing the Beginning of Time

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How did the intricate dance between the planets, stars and galaxies inform the architecture of the universe we know today? Seeing the Beginning of Time utilizes eye-popping high-resolution visuals to demonstrate the study of this evolution.

The visuals in the film are a testament to the power of modern technologies in space mapping and exploration. With the use of supercomputers, scientists now have the ability to visualize the formation of our universe with greater clarity and understanding than ever before.

The core of the film results from the work performed by researchers at the National Center for Supercomputing Applications at the University of Illinois. As part of a global collective called the Dark Energy Survey, they're attempting to trace the echoes of a very distant past when the Cosmic Dawn brought forth the formation of first generation galaxies.

Researchers from across the globe from the United States to Chile - and the technologies, databases and telescopes they employ - are changing the face of modern astronomy. We may finally have the means to study long-dimmed stars and other galactic activities, and answer some of the most baffling and fundamental questions in the history of cosmic science in the process. How did these first generations planets and galaxies evolve over the course of hundreds of millions of years? What role did gravity and dark matter play in that evolution? What is the nature of dark matter?

In addition, these researchers are able to test long-held scientific theories that originated from giants like Einstein, and scrutinize them against never-before-attainable visual evidence.

As we continue to study the expansion of the universe, we also expand our understanding of our own existence and our perceptions of the world around us. The efforts profiled in the film are profoundly consequential; they may result in a complete remapping of our universe and set the course of study for future generations of scientists.

Featuring authoritative and elegantly articulated narration, insights from leading scientists on the front line of this study, and a wall-to-wall array of awe-inspiring imagery, Seeing the Beginning of Time is a beautifully assembled documentary that will delight cosmic enthusiasts and mainstream audiences alike.

Directed by: Thomas Lucas