Selling Weed Legally

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Medical marijuana is legal on a state level in 17 states, yet illegal federally. Join journalists as they explore Otherside Farms in Irvine. Otherside Farms is one of California’s premier medical marijuana growers.

Chadd McKeen, owner of Otherside Farms, started growing and using marijuana medically when trying to fight his wife’s cancer. He noticed that chemotherapy wasn’t helping, but shortly after using pot as medicine, his wife’s health improved significantly. Eventually her cancer disappeared completely.

These days people are looking for alternatives to traditional medicines that are usually loaded with dangerous chemicals that cause uncomfortable side-effects. Many of these patients come to McKeen desperately looking for help, willing to try anything that will help them feel better.

McKeen has seen first hand how symptoms improve or disappear. He doesn’t take this lightly and he finds this ability to help others extremely rewarding.

At Otherside Farms, Chadd McKeen and his employees produce quality plants in a controlled environment. Their focus is that their marijuana is being used to help terminally ill patients cope with serious illnesses in a natural way.
According to Chadd McKeen he’s not only saving lives, but he’s also contributing to the country’s economic stability by finding positive solutions outside of the box.