Sex, Lies and Julian Assange

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Julian Assange stood up to the most powerful country in history and made them bow their heads in shame. He humiliated America and then faced their wrath. Within weeks of seeking refuge in Sweden, Julian Assange had a warrant out for his arrest for rape and sexual molestation.  What followed next may define the modern era. Quickly after the accusations began, concerns emerged about the legal barrage aimed at him. This documentary gets to the heart of the matter and tells a tale of David and Goliath.
“Sitting outdoors with the world’s coolest, smartest people! It’s amazing!”, Anna Ardin tweeted, as she sat at a barbecue she had arranged for Assange. Yet according to the allegations she would later bring against him he had recently sexually abused her. “You wouldn’t send such messages if you had been raped by someone the night before”, argues Assange’s lawyer.

Assange believes that the whole legal snafu is aimed at sending him to the United States of America to face trial for revealing State secrets.

Directed by: Andrew Fowler