SHELTER: Human Stories from Central America

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The stories are all different but they have one thing in common: pain.

When a child asks his mother for food and she has no money to get him any, it causes a deep pain within her that words cannot express. When a grown man fears to go back to his country because he will be killed, it leads to deep pain that causes him to become restless. When a four-year-old Central American immigrant is found abandoned and nobody knows where her parents are and no one can say for sure what will become of her, it causes pain.

These brave men and women flee their countries in search of a better future. Most of them are from Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador, which are known as the Northern Triangle of Central America. About 500,000 thousand of these people and others from all around the world use Chiapas, Mexico as their port of entry into the United States.

Chiapas has migrant shelters where these men, women and children that are trying to enter the United States can receive food, bed, and counseling.  As is to be expected, these shelters are usually overcrowded.

Most refugees have to wait for months before they receive some type of response to their petition for asylum.  This makes them even more confused, frustrated, and angry. A deep sense of hopelessness  quickly settles in. But when they are given even a small opportunity, they are given the hope that they can also become great.

Up to 98% of immigrants who cross the borders in search for a better life are deported.