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Is it true that shorter men have a better sense of humor? Why do women seem to always go for tall guys?

Through interviews with shorter than average men and discussions with experts this documentary titled “Short” examines how height can affect a man’s life. Filled with humor and self-exposure, this charming documentary is an entertaining watch. In the film, we talk to young boys who open up about their dreams of growing tall as well as short statured adults that have learned to live in a world where they are at times teased.

“Short is just the film I was missing as a teenager. As the shortest kid in the class, I felt lonely and an outsider. I could only have wished that someone would have made a documentary about shorter than average people (5 foot 5, in my case) and answer the thousands of questions that tormented and frustrated me, but perhaps also made me who I am…”
– Edan Alterman, director of “Short”

This 52 minute documentary was produced in Israel by director Edan Alterman. The dialog is in Hebrew with English subtitles.

You don’t need to be short to enjoy this film!