Shots of Awe

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Jason Silva hosts Shots of Awe, a short documentary series that summates some of mankind's most daunting scientific pursuits into fun and exciting videos that the layman can understand.

Silva aims to inspire and excite those not versed in the topic through the passion he clearly has for the subject matter he's presenting, and every single episode of Shots leaves you feeling inspired and hopeful about what human beings can and will accomplish in the years to come. Hera are some of the more enjoyable and enlightening episodes, and a little about what they touch on:

Exploring Space: Cosmic Revolutionaries: What uses will we put our cosmic travel pursuits to? What are some of the benefits and advances that will organically develop as space travel becomes routine?

Technium: Attempts to put to rest the notion that technology is unnatural, and poses the argument that anything birthed out of humankind is birthed out of nature because humankind is birthed from nature.

Engineering Our Own Divinity: The buildings and spaces we build create a feedback loop that informs the lives we live, so we directly control the world and life we experience.

Digital Shamans: A syllabus of books written by brilliant people whose texts are geared towards thinking beyond the limits of the reality most believe we live in.

Psychedelic Technology: The very first thoughts an inventor has that lead to the invention of a previously uncreated technology are in fact hallucinations - thoughts that are not bound by the present reality.

Existential Bummer: Our most extreme emotions of happiness and love are often tinged with a hint of sadness, and Silva theorizes that it is because we have an understanding of the fleeting nature of all living things - that we and every living thing we love will die.

Artificial Intelligence: Fears that machine will eradicate us, its creator, are unfounded. Artificial intelligence is just an extension of intelligence beyond the bounds of physicality, it is us.

We're On the Right Track: Despite doom and gloom theories about the disastrous state of present day society, hard data indicates that humanity is prospering as greatly as it ever has - the odds a man will die at the hands of another man, on a global scale, are the lowest they have ever been in history, for example.