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Every year on the Monday after prom, high school seniors in the Florida Everglades skip school and drive to the beach to spend the day together.

Amid the playing and joking, they have snatches of deep conversations about their future and what it holds. Some opt for college while others talk about joining the military or finding a job. Even though they’re wearing their brave faces of independence as they step into adulthood, a careful observer can see tinges of fear mixed with innocent expectations in their eyes. The responsibility and the shift that comes with leaving high school does not go unnoticed.

They’re excited about not being home and around the same people with the same mentality. They know that being able to make new friends will broaden their thinking and assure them a brighter future.

As they interact with their surroundings they are subtly reminded that their country still has a long way to go before it can offer them a future that is safe.

This film was the winner of the Illy Prize for best short film at Directors’ Fortnight, Cannes Film Festival. Watch it now.