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His name is Michel Blomgren and his greatest interest is survival in the wilderness and primitive, but comfortable, outdoor life.

He has earlier shared his outdoor experiences and experiments through photographs and stories.

This engagement has now resulted in the making of a short movie series about survival with a documentary touch.

Episode 1 - Five Points Survival. I illustrate a person who get lost and at the same time go through my 5 points. The episode deals with immobilizing fear, our need for warmth & water, spruce roots as string, fire with fire steel, tinder, feather sticks & fire wood, spruce bows as a bed and smoke signal.

Episode 2 - Starvation. If it's something I maintain to that one can do without in a typical survival situation (shorter than a couple of weeks), it's food. In this episode I get out in nature to starve for one day while I also present my gear in (too much) detail. I also brought a blood glucose meter to measure my blood sugar level. It's revealed that spruce needle tea contains some amount of sugar (although small).

Episode 3 - Quest For The Stone. A short episode about fire making with a carbon steel knife, quartz and charred cloth. The episode also demonstrates how to boil water or cook food without a pot. The speech is now in English (or Swenglish rather).

Episode 4 - In The Cold of The Night. No shelter, no sleeping bag, no food, just a multitool, a traditional fire making kit, and some spare clothing... in other words: an ordinary weekend after work.

Episode 5 - Survival and Abseiling. Me and Johan Forsberg from Nordic Bushcraft starve in the forest during a weekend while attempting to move cross the terrain and abseil/rappel down mountain cliffs. It was rainy and Johan didn't bring a sleeping bag or a proper shelter. We brought very little food, but I still enjoyed the comfort of a bivybag, a sleeping bag, and a sleeping mat which made the night comfortable.