Taboo: Body Modifications

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See what makes people radically reshape their bodies - from neck stretching in Thailand to breast ironing in Cameroon to silicone implants that enhance American male physiques.

Many examples of extreme body modification are scarification, branding, implants, and split tongues.

Scarification is performed by peeling away layers of the skin and allowing it to heal into the specific design. Some scarifications can be almost as intricate as a tattoo.

Although most people who choose to get scarification done, do not get tattooed in the process.

However, ink can be applied before the healing process begins allowing it to heal over. This does not usually become as vibrant as the tattoos you often see.

There are also the options of waiting until the scar flattens, which can often take between one to two years to complete. After which, you would be able to introduce vibrant colors into the scarred design.