Thai Boxing: A Fighting Chance

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Get acquainted with the fighting sport known as Muay Thai, the national sport of Thailand, in this hour-long documentary film.

Thai Boxing: A Fighting Chance, originally filmed in 2002 and narrated by British actor Jason Statham, takes us on a voyage to Thailand, the Land of Smiles, to learn about Muay Thai and what it means to those that practice it.

Originally used in battlefields and only then eventually developing into a ring sport, today Muay Thai is in the international spotlight due to its practitioners (known as nak muay) defeating those who’ve trained in other martial arts. Today, foreigners will even travel to Thailand for the sole purpose of learning this demanding martial art in its birthplace.

Muay Thai is not just a ring sport. To be a true student of Muay Thai means to immerse yourself in the history, culture, and courage, that the Thai people are famous for.

In this documentary, we follow the lives of three individuals who come from very different backgrounds that are all training Muay Thai, each with their own unique motivations and stories, as they prepare for their next fight.

For those interested to watch a classic match from the sport’s golden era in the 90s, watch this explosive fight between Ramon Dekkers and Orono.