The 2nd Assassination of JFK

2010, Technology  -  11 min Leave a Comment
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A documentary film on the end of the shuttle program, which has garnered critical acclaim culminating in winning top honors at an international film festival.

A thought-provoking film that sheds light on the alarming end of the US manned space program.

The 2nd Assassination of JFK is told candidly through the eyes of those living and working on Florida's Space Coast.

The indie filmmaker delivers on the promise to highlight the program's importance to our nation's heritage and future, as well as the societal and financial implications of its demise.

The film focuses on the historical and future significance of American manned space flight and the importance of the United States remaining on the forefront of space discovery.

The future of the Space Program is examined through thought provoking interviews with astronauts, NASA engineers, residents of the Space Coast in Florida, among others.

With massive budget cuts from previous and current US administrations, the country will soon be losing our collective and genius workforce at the Kennedy Space Center.