The Alchemy of Spirit

2013, Society  -  98 min Leave a Comment
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"Boom Festival" is an international meeting place and it's amazing to be able to go there and meet people from all over the world. You can experience that you are not separate but that everybody around you is somehow the same being. That the planet is not separate from ourselves either, but everything happening in the world is happening inside of us too. It's a motion concept of actually moving our bodies to a constant rhythm.

This moment of connection, this moment of feeling one, is when you look to your sides and you see people dancing exactly at the same frequency you are in. Then this kind of contact that you generate by having a few hundred or thousands people around you that are in the same frequency, understanding the same sounds, perceiving the same at that precise moment... is unique.

This message about how we can forge a new society together is being able to reach a wider audience and be interesting to them, and be attractive to them. It's kind of a way to say "Hey! Your ideas are catching on" and they're not catching on because they become diluted, they're catching on because the world is more ready to accept them, which says that the world is more ready to change. It's more ready to incorporate these kinds of ideals into everybody's regular life. To take it back to their communities as well as mix, and learn, and grow from the massive diversity that's there.

There is no word to explain the vibration, the feeling that's happening there. Suddenly you have come into a whole new reality of a human family. When you come into these big events and big festivals, we're creating this big illusion this sort of fantasy, mirage, a vision of what reality could be like or how we wish that reality was more like with people being open. It's kind of like a painting. It's a collection of shapes. It's not really a thing but it illustrates and it kind of points a finger towards something that we would all eventually like to have happen on a greater scale.

Before the festival happens, people from all over the world with all their different skills are working everyday in the hot sun putting all their love, all their energy, and all their sweat into delivering an experience for thousands of strangers to appreciate.