The Anatomy of a Great Deception

2014, 9/11  -  92 min Leave a Comment
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Nearly ten years after the tragic events of September 11, entrepreneur David Hooper began to question the official accounts of that day. Nagging skepticism soon turned to obsession. His quest to uncover an alternate truth behind the attacks soon created disharmony within his family and near financial ruin. Hooper's feature-length documentary The Anatomy of a Great Deception encapsulates his findings during this tumultuous period of discovery.

Of course, Hooper was not alone in his perception of a conspiracy. A growing number of regular citizens and figures of various industries had embarked on their own amateur investigations by the time his suspicions were first sparked. Their findings inform much of Hooper's own conclusions.

For he and many others, the curious crumbling of Building 7 represents one of the fundamental building blocks of a potential conspiracy. Located 300 feet from the North Tower - the length of a football field - Building 7 fell to the ground in the late afternoon of 9/11. Investigators claimed it had fallen due to structural compromises caused by the intensity of heat from the neighboring Twin Towers. Yet, in researching other high-rise buildings imperiled by raging fires, Hooper was unable to locate a single incident of a nearby building collapsing as a byproduct of such an event. In fact, none of the buildings that were actually engulfed in flames collapsed either. Several engineers have also come forward and claimed that the temperature of the fires on that day could not have successfully melted the steel structure of the towers. Could this indicate evidence of a controlled demolition?

In painstaking detail, Hooper continues to lay out findings from that day which support this troubling hypothesis, including sightings of molten metal, ear witness accounts of audible explosions, and the curiously symmetrical trajectory of each tower's collapse. Scattered throughout are archived interview clips of researchers, investigators, architectural specialists, and even fire department officials who all echo these same suspicions.

Like all conspiracy films, The Anatomy of a Great Deception presents a case that may be embraced wholeheartedly by some and dismissed outright by others. But it argues its theories with sincerity and conviction.

Directed by: David Hooper