The Boy Who Cried Warming

2012, Environment  -  86 min Leave a Comment
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This feature length documentary approaches the subject of Climate Change from a more scientific point of view than previous films on the subject. The film evaluates on many of the common held misconceptions associated with Global Warming, offers a scientific overview of Carbon Dioxide on our planet, and takes an in depth look at various Carbon Trading legislation and its potential negative effects on the economies of the world.

The film offers new interplanetary data on the topic of climate change. Also unique to The Boy Who Cried Warming is that the story of the film runs parallel to the Aesop fable The Boy Who Cried Wolf.

This is shown through the movie to portray that the shepherds of global warming most known are usually those who cry the loudest and make the boldest predictions.

Authors believe that this film will strike the perfect informational and entertainment balance, and thus will prove to be a truly worthwhile cause and topic that you can enjoy and be proud of participating in.