The Butterfly Child

2015, Biography, Diseases, Health  -  13 min Leave a Comment
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Imagine being in so much pain that you can even feel it in your sleep. Imagine that pain never ever going away, not even for a minute. Imagine having skin as fragile as a butterfly’s wings. Imagine your bath time being the most excruciatingly painful activity you do all day.

That is the Jonathan Pitre’s reality. He was born with Epidemolysis Bullosa (EB): a rare genetic skin condition in which the skin is extremely fragile to minimal trauma. When a person has this condition, the slightest friction causes blisters on his body and even eating causes blisters inside his throat.

Jonathan felt alone until 2012 when he was invited to an EB conference. Being able to see others with his same condition made a huge difference in his life. This opened the doors to an entirely different possibility.