The Chemistry of Almost Everything

2009, Science  -  11 min Leave a Comment
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Chemistry is involved in everything and is everywhere. This series explains how some of the processes work.

Professor Steven Ley from Cambridge University discusses the development of a molecule in his research lab. He describes a compound so strong that just a tablespoon full would cover an area the size of two football pitches.

We find out about the oil from Neem trees in India and the medical benefits it has. A hibernating frog and how he survives the freezing temperature. How humans survive in space and what role chemistry plays in this form of survival.

A slum district in Delhi that recycles equipment so it can be re-used for teaching chemistry. The relationship between chemistry, peace and war. How using chemistry can make money, especially in the pharmaceutical business.

How carbon plays a central role in the chemistry of creation. Sources of Nitrates and the developments in synthesizing nitrates. How chemistry continues after death - looking at the skeleton. Dangerous free radicals and their effect on the heart.