The Choice 2012

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A journey into the places, people, and decisive moments that made the men who are competing for the presidency. The two-hour film explores the formative experiences, and divergent worldviews of Barack Obama and Mitt Romney.

The film begins with an experience the candidates shared: a bruising early political defeat. Both candidates went on to learn from their losses, applying lessons that would help them chart political courses that have led them to face off against one another today.

Mitt Romney and Barack Obama have spent hundreds of millions of dollars to tell their own stories, but in The Choice 2012, Frontline goes far beyond the headlines on a journey deep into their worlds, among their friends and family, critics, and closest colleagues, to understand what drives these men.

Based on dozens of new interviews and hundreds of hours of research, Frontline's authoritative profiles that emerge are also a portrait of America in an era of uncertainty - and a guide to the choices that lie ahead.

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