The Conspiracy "Theory" Conspiracy

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When did the term 'conspiracy theory' become an automatic excuse for dismissal? The feature-length documentary The Conspiracy "Theory" Conspiracy provides an in-depth examination of this phenomenon, particularly as it is propagated by the media elite.

"The mainstream media's agenda is clear," instructs the narrator during the film's opening minutes. "They want you to believe that conspiracies don't exist, the world is exactly like they say it is, and anyone who disagrees is to be marginalized, mocked and shamed."

As presented in the film, some conspiracy theories are admittedly rooted in wild and grandiose fantasy, but many others are serious societal considerations which have stemmed from those who have dared to question the official accounts given to us by figures of power and authority. For their efforts, these decenters are far too often labeled as part of the lunatic fringe, and the mainstream media dismisses their concerns as the nonsensical ramblings of a conspiracy theorist.

The film argues that the origins of the conspiracy theory are far from looney; in fact, these theories have often served as an essential function of an informed and invested people. The Conspiracy "Theory" Conspiracy contends that is our responsibility as citizens to question, especially when those in power have the motivation and the influence to provide a false narrative.

The mainstream media's villainization of many of those who dare to question official accounts is illustrated through a rapid fire succession of hundreds of media clips from the likes of every major news network, including the 24-hour cycles of Fox News, CNN and MSNBC. The film also features illuminating soundbites and insights from cultural figures who have long stood unafraid of speaking truth to power, including everyone from comic legend George Carlin to Albert Einstein to popular radio personality Alex Jones.

Energetically assembled by director Adam Green, The Conspiracy "Theory" Conspiracy heralds scrutiny as a healthy exercise. The dawning of the internet age has brought forth a new generation of rabidly curious and skeptical conspiracy watchdogs, and it is in their pursuits that crucial seeds of truth may come to light that would have otherwise remained obscured.

Directed by: Adam Green