The Derby

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The Kentucky Derby is the fastest two minutes in sports. It always falls on the first Saturday of May. The Derby means different things to different people; it all depends on each individual’s perspective. Some definitely see it as a once-a-year opportunity to make a wad of cash.

People from different parts of the world come to work at the Derby in different capacities. Whether it’s parking cars, working as a bar-back or stable foreman, walking horses, or offering bike tours, each one of them enjoys the feeling of community that happens once a year at Churchill Downs. Derby always brings everybody together because if the same people were walking down the street under different circumstances, they might all ignore each other.

The outfits are as varied and extreme as the patrons. From expensive fancy dresses and hats to shorts and tank tops and everything in between. People are really there to enjoy themselves be it making money or just hanging out with family and friends.

The realities of the rest of Churchill Downs and that of the Millionaires Row are quite different; in one there is an excess of comfort, luxury, and food, whereas the people on the infield experience the races in a very distinctive manner. It’s the difference between having to go in a Porta Potty versus an attendant handing you a towel after you wash your hands.

The Kentucky Derby might just be an impromptu, yet accurate, representation of the best things and the worst things about our society.