The Electric Comet

2012, Mystery  -  89 min Leave a Comment
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The third episode of the Symbols of an Alien Sky series, Electric Comet investigates the science of comets with a focus on the electrical behavior of the sun in comet creation, and the greater cosmic implications of these findings. Through the use of motion graphics, stock space photography, and a moody instrumental score the filmmakers dramatize their study, contrasting existing long-held views of comet science against the more recent electrical theory.

While standard scientific belief to date has supported a "dirty snowball" hypothesis that comets are made primarily of water, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, and primordial dust originating from solar dust known as the Oort Cloud, the bulk of the film makes the case for new evidence supporting an electric model of comets.

The electric theory posits that comets are created by debris left behind by powerful electrical activity during an earlier phase of the solar system's development. Electric theorists believe that comets were born of "a much more recent epoch of planetary instability and violence" than previously believed, a possibility that not only challenges the current understanding of comets, but an understanding of the greater universe in general.

Arguing in favor of the electric model, the film examines several variables that differentiate the two theories. From the mineral makeup of comets to the role of heat in comet projection, the function of water in comet illumination, and the impressive amount of information that can be gleaned from the study of comet tails, there is no shortage of supporting material to consider. A number of notable comets and comet events are also reviewed, calling into question what those events might offer as insight into the nature of comets.

Electric Comet's jargon-rich narration assumes an existing level of familiarity with comet theory from the audience, and may most appeal to those with an active interest in astronomy and related sciences. Relying heavily on informative narration and images of the cosmos intercut with title cards of supporting quotes, questions, and research findings, Electric Comet is essentially a feature-length research presentation that challenges existing notions of comet science.