The Facade of the American Dream

2013, Society  -  100 min Leave a Comment
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This is a story of a people who had existed and thrived in their land for thousands and thousands of years before they were kidnapped, tortured, chained, raped and enslaved.

This is the African who was stolen from his motherland and civilization and had everything taken from him. His language, religion, culture, family, and identity.

The documentary depicts how the US removed Africans from their country of origin, worked them to death as slaves and today, in schools, is brainwashing them to make believe they are inferior in many aspects.

A cross section of people discuss the fraud of the American dream and how systemic racism keeps millions of people down while offering others hope and opportunity.

The film gives voice to those who believe That African Americans are far from achieving the American Dream in health, education, welfare, and justice.