The Fantastical World of Hormones

2014, Science  -  60 min Leave a Comment
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Many scientific findings are often dismissed by the public. Whether it is the severe importance of a particular diet or exercise, or the impact of stress and sleep deprivation on our bodies and thinking processes, we often turn our heads from the research, the numbers, and the findings. Such an observation, as broad as it may seem, can similarly be applied to our understanding of the hormones. Typically, when an individual is confronted with the term, "hormone," he or she will think of emotional responses and sexual awakenings.

However, hormones do not relate only to emotional and sexual impulses. They are involved in our everyday occurrence, awakening, and development. Whether referring to our metabolism and appetite, or our emotional reactions to stimuli, or how we behave from situation to situation, hormones are involved in the performance.

As a leading expert in the study of hormones, John Wass explains the true definition and involvement of the hormones in all of our daily operations. He explains, in more basic terms, the hormone's involvement in our cell stimulation and development. Beyond these personal connections, however, Wass also delves into the importance of the hormone in many scientific breakthroughs and medical treatments, including but not limited to the current, hot topic of obesity and the curing of this epidemic.

In addition to the many scientific observations supporting the importance of the hormones, in this documentary, John Wass also takes us through some of the more interesting - even quirky - history surrounding this chemical substance. From castration to the discovery of insulin, Wass shares some of the strange tales involved in the study and attempted extraction of the hormones.

The Fantastical World of Hormones is an interesting study of the history and deeper definition of the hormones and the significant role they play in our bodies, our lives, and in the advancement of the sciences, particularly those focused on curing diseases and further explaining how our bodies function. Going on such a journey with John Wass may lead not only to a greater understanding of such an important, natural chemical substance, but it may impact how we view and appreciate the continued progress of the sciences.