The Great Fallacy

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The main premise in this film is that the system is built on fallacies to manipulate people... especially the Puerto Rican system. The people are not satisfied with their country's situation; they're going through a violence crisis, where everything is for the rich and nothing for the poor. The economy is very faulty and if you're a member of the opposing party you're screwed.

The most recent 2010 census showed that for the first time in history there is a net reduction of -2.2% inhabitants compared with the previous population censuses. 46% of Puerto Rican families live in poverty receiving federal aid. Politically, they're what is known as a Commonwealth, but for many it is another way of saying "colony." For that reason, Puerto Ricans live in constant fear of losing the U.S. citizenship.

There, the same parties and politicians always win and everyday everything gets worse... and Puerto Ricans always lose. Crimes such as theft and robbery are rampant around the country and the number of murders in 2011 reached 1,130. Many people say that the situation is bad but the film poses the question "What are you doing so things get better?" Those who criticize and do nothing become part of the problem.

Puerto Ricans are facing the most savage juncture they have ever experienced historically, because the big corporations, political parties, and governmental structures are devouring the last bit they have left as a nation. It seems they're in a time of ample and strong, solid resistance from the part of Puerto Rican people against the attempts of the government to privatize, sell, and give away what has taken them so much work to defend.

The attempts to their dignity through the attempts against their culture and communities; through the uprooting and the purchase of properties; the attempts against education through the takeover and privatization of the university of Puerto Rico; the attempts against their heritage like the Electric Energy Authority and the Waterways authority; everything is unraveling and twinning in such a way that eventually they're forced to a struggle in the streets to try to defend their identity, history, culture, and sense of nation.