The Hanging

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The city of Moscow has seven Stalin skyscrapers. Each one has a star at the very top. For roofers, touching one of these stars is a status symbol. So far, 19-year-old Kirill has touched five of them.

Kirill is very interested in architecture, even though he states that he dropped out of college before he got bored. Abandoning his studies has put him at risk of being drafted, though. To a degree he lives like an outlaw, afraid that at any moment he will be forced to join the army.

Kirill spends a lot of time researching the structure of buildings. He takes risky pictures because roofing gives him the sense of freedom he believes is missing from his life.

Some of his friends think he’s wasting his time on all those rooftops and they wish he would get his life in order. But Kirill thinks there is just too much he wants to see and experience before settling down.